nail-artAcrylic nails are made with polymer, powdered acrylic product and monomer and a liquid acrylic product. This mixture is to be applied on to the original nail bases with a brush, which solidifies in a few seconds and then you can paint or make designs on this platform. Most acrylic nail product users suggest uses of Ethyl Methacrylate (EMA) as it looks real and is safe to use compared to the other art designificial nail products. It is also advised to use these products as less as possible due to the hardening of your original nails. And try to visit a manicurist for the application after which you can paint them by yourself. More on how to apply acrylic nails and easy nail art design designs.

Since nails can be quite overgrown or unevenly grown, it is a better idea to use acrylic nails when you're going out for a function. These nails are very difficult to bite or break, thus if you have a habit of doing that, these nails of yours are perfectly safe. Acrylic nails are also difficult to remove, thus it is advised that you get them removed with the help of professionals in the salons. They are good substitutes for weak and broken nails as they completely cover them from being visible and also protect them from further damage. (by aparna jadhav)